Quality over Quantity

Quality over quantity

One of our tenets of our Wearable Wellbeing motto is that we choose quality over quantity. Our products are made by local suppliers who are also experts in the fabrics they work with. For an ALTER MADE garment to meet our quality standards, we are looking for the following 3 attributes.

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The origin of a garment is in its design, like the blueprint of a building. At ALTER MADE, we believe that when a product has a quality design, it is visible in the final result. It’s important to us that all our designs have a simple and timeless style, so that they remain current and fresh season after season.  

Think of your favourite jumper, the one you’ve had for years but keep wearing because you love it and it’s perfect. That is the type of garment that we strive to create for you. When a garment is designed, we think about what fabrics we are going to use and how it will be made.

Quality Linen


When we design our clothes, we know which raw material it will be made from. All our fabrics are certified for sustainability, either because they are of natural origin, as is the case with our knitwear, or because they are made from recycled materials, such as our down anoraks. Some of our materials, in addition to feeling nice and respecting the skin, have properties that provide an extra dose of wellbeing. We’ll tell you more about the ALTER MADE Materials in our Stories.

Manufacture and finishes

The manufacture of a garment is the final step, in which the designs on paper come to life. To guarantee the final result is what we want, we rely on the best local suppliers, all of whom are experts in the fabrics they work with. We have worked on each of our garments with great care, paying attention to every last detail. The result is a set of impeccable garments, each with its own story and personality.