Our Principles

Nº 01 We believe that change is possible

Nº 02 We don't follow the pace of fashion

Nº 03 We use traceable fabrics from the origin

Nº 04 We believe a full life is made of little moments

Nº 05 We create timeless pieces - not collections

Nº 06 We design and produce in Europe

Nº 07 We believe in caring before replacing

Nº 08 We believe that what is good for the planet is good for you

Nº 09 We are open to listen, learn and grow

Nº 10 We work with specialized producers who share our values

Nº 11 Nature doesn’t rush - neither do we

Nº 12 We love journeys and stories

Nº 13 We don´t do sales. We believe in conscious consumption

Nº 14 We choose quality before quantity

Nº 15 We would like to share real moments with real people

Nº 16 We love to work with natural fibres

Nº 17 We believe in slowing down and enjoying more

Nº 18 We believe in controlling production to prevent waste

Nº 19 We want to take care of you through our products

Nº 20 We believe in creating community, in people, in you

Nº 21 We look back to see the future

Nº 22 We believe colours can create calm and balance

Nº 23 We make apparel that lasts

Nº 24 We believe that clothing is an extension of oneself

Nº 25 Like our clothes, our voice is calm, serene and relaxed