Oceans Day
Ocean's Day
Ocean's Day
ALTER MADE for CRAM Foundation
ALTER MADE for CRAM Foundation

On 8th June, we celebrate World Oceans Day by raising awareness of the importance of preserving our marine ecosystems.

With our Alter Bag in Ocean Blue we support the activities of the CRAM Foundation for the Conservation and Recovery of Marine Animals. Our Alter Bag is made in Portugal using 100% organic cotton, one of our most sustainable fabrics. It is a wide bag, with wide straps and an inside pocket. You will find a thousand uses for this super useful accessory, made with a strong and resistant fabric that guarantees it to last perfectly, year after year. 

CRAM Foundation

The CRAM Foundation is a private non-profit organisation dedicated to the protection of the marine environment and the species that inhabit it. Its lines of action are the care and rescue of marine fauna, research and conservation of marine species and ecosystems, and raising awareness of the conservation of our seas and oceans. CRAM has a state-of-the-art recovery centre and a technical and human team on call 24 hours a day to assist marine species. It also boasts the Vell Marí, one of the few scientific sailboats dedicated to marine exploration.

According to UN data, the ocean produces at least 50% of the planet's oxygen, and is also capable of absorbing around 30% of the carbon dioxide produced by humans. Despite these benefits, we have depleted 90% of fish populations, and destroyed 50% of coral reefs. 

Thanks to our oceans

Small actions like ours are a way of thanking our seas and oceans for all that they give us. The sea provides us with moments of joy and relaxation, it is a place where we can escape to stop and catch our breath. It gives us joy, illusion, and beauty. The blue colour that gives our planet its name. The thrill of exploring mysterious and unknown places. It has inspired poems, legends, and works of art. It invites us to cross its waters, to surf its waves, and to feel free.

Find out more about our sustainability commitment.

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