“Jeans have become our daily essential uniform, a basic in our wardrobe. They are comfortable, versatile and easy to mix and match, they go with everything! You can wear them at any time of the year, day or night. For this reason, for us they are a timeless garment and we have taken care of every last detail." Alejandra Mur. 

Keep reading to discover everything about our Jeans and how to know which style is made for you. 

What is my size?

Our jeans are available in 8 sizes, from waist 25 to 32. We have chosen a sizing that allows us to cover a larger number of people who are between European sizes 34 and 42, as we have taken into account the half sizes. This way, we have made sure that our jeans hug your body and flatter you like no other. Once you try them on, they will become your favourite pair.

Calculating your perfect size is as easy as subtracting 10 from the size of the jeans you normally wear. A size 36 is our size 26, a size 42 would be our size 32. If a size 38 fits you just right but a size 40 is too baggy, our size 29 is perfect for you.

If you are still in doubt, don't forget that you have at your disposal our Size Guide, where we explain how to measure yourself to find your perfect size.

Why two lengths?

Our jeans come in different lengths depending on the style, and some of them are available in two different lengths. The name of the garment indicates how many centimetres long it is:

Our Straight and Slim styles are available in a cropped length (65cm) and a regular length (75cm). Flare is available in a regular length (75cm) and a full length (85cm). Wide Leg is available in a full length (85cm) and Tapered is available in a regular length (67cm).

You can choose the length you like best for your height or the effect you want to achieve. In order to see how long they will be on you, we recommend that you measure your own length as indicated in our Size Guide: from the top of your inside leg to the desired length.

Image without a name
Image without a name

How many different styles do we have?

There are brands that have dozens of versions of the same jeans, we are so convinced that we have found the ideal pattern that we only have one of each, 5 different styles in total: 

Straight Jeans

Our most timeless and classic style. Jeans with a straight silhouette and authentic denim fabric that wraps tightly around your body to keep everything in place. We've chosen a comfortable mid-rise for a more timeless style. They are available in 6 colours, ranging from white to washed black, through the full range of blues. These jeans are suitable for any occasion, and you'll always look good in them. Available in cropped and full length.

We recommend them if you are tired of a high rise and are looking for a classic style for both day and night. 

Slim Jeans

These jeans are made to turn heads. For this style we have chosen a high rise to visually lengthen the legs and achieve a slim figure. They are made with cotton and a very small percentage of elastane, just enough to make them more flexible and comfortable. They are available in 3 colours, all with a very polished finish. You'll be showered with compliments from your friends when you wear them. Available in cropped and full length.

We recommend them if you are looking for a more elegant style that accentuates your curves. 

Wide Leg Jeans

We're not going to hide it, we're in love with these jeans. We've crafted them using a lighter weight cotton fabric so they'll follow your every move as you walk. This slightly cropped style is designed to cinch in at the waist and hips and flare out softly and elegantly to the feet. For a relaxed yet contemporary and flattering style. Available in 4 colours.

We recommend them if you are looking for a modern and versatile look. You can give them a casual touch with your trainers or wear them with a pair of heeled boots to look cool and sophisticated.

Flare Jeans

We've updated the bell-bottom silhouette to make it subtle and timeless. These mid-rise jeans are tapered from the waist to the knees and gently flare out to the feet. This way we get a super harmonious and balanced silhouette. This style is available in two colours: classic washed blue and stone grey. If you weren't already in love with flare trousers, you will be as soon as you try them on and see how good they look on you. Available in regular and full length.

If you love the retro style, they are a must. You will look radiant when you wear them with any other garment.

Tapered Jeans

With this style we wanted to get as close as possible to the feeling of wearing joggers. These jeans are definitely the most relaxed of our selection, thanks to a thinner fabric and a loose fit. They have a high rise and button fastening. You'll love them from day one, and they'll be your go-to jeans for those days when you want to be comfortable and cute at the same time. Available in two shades of blue and a single length.

We recommend them for busy days when you don’t have a spare minute. Put them on and forget you’re wearing them. 

Origin and sustainability

Our jeans are manufactured by Cross Textiles, a company based in Turkey. We have chosen this company because they are both big denim experts and are heavily committed to sustainability. All their products and production processes are audited and they have 9 certifications to prove their social and environmental ethics. Their technological advances and great efficiency translate into great savings in energy and raw materials. Since 2011, they have reduced their water consumption by 34%, electricity consumption by 43% and natural gas consumption by 73%.

All our jeans are made from organic cotton. Some of our styles also contain a percentage of recycled cotton and PCW cotton from post-consumer waste.

At ALTER MADE we are proud to be part of the Better Cotton Initiative. The BCI connects people and organisations in the cotton sector, from the fields to the shops, to promote continuous and measurable improvements for the environment, farming communities and the economy of the areas where cotton is produced.

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