ALTER MADE has born in the middle of pandemic. For this reason, we work hard to offer you the best possible service in the current situation we are living. 

The courier companies have adapted their procedures to guarantee the safety of our employees and our community. We thank you for your patience, as there may be some delays to deliveries. 
We remind you that you can still find us at altermade.com and on all our online channels. Our customer services are still there for you, to answer any questions you may have.

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You don't need to be registered to browse or buy from ALTER MADE, but if you do register you will be able to streamline the process for your future orders. You can also choose to receive communications from ALTER MADE to your inbox so that you are up to date on our new arrivals and to keep learning about well-being and slow living.  

You can currently shop online in Spain, France, Germany and the Netherlands. We are currently working to open new markets.  

First, because we don’t work seasonally. All our garments are timeless, wardrobe essentials that don’t go out of style and will last for a long time. Secondly, because we manage little productions of few units, to prioritize quality over quantity and adjust to the demand of our customers. This means that we don’t accumulate stock that we want to get rid of, but we produce what we sell, no more and no less. In addition, we work with suppliers and artisans from Europe who are internationally recognized for their excellence, and it’s important for us to value their work. One of our main values is to defend conscious and responsible consumption, and we are proud of the way we do things.