We have now launched our e-store and presented our clothes to the world. We are nervous, but at the same time we are very excited, looking forward to hearing what you think when you see the clothes and, above all, when you receive them at home and can touch them. We hope to be able to convey the wellbeing to you that gives meaning to our brand.

It's very important to us that the experience of receiving one of our boxes reflects our values, so we want our processes to be as sustainable as possible, both in the things you see and the things you don't see.

For example, all our suppliers send their garments to our warehouse packaged in paper, not plastic. Once we receive them, we store them in recycled and recyclable TST bags, a type of material made by fusing together different fibres. If they need to be hung up, we use reused hangers.

On the way

All our products are transported by road, as it has a much lower impact than when transported by air. This way, we manage to reduce our carbon footprint. It's a little slower but much more environmentally friendly. Even so, we have achieved great delivery times, between 1 and 4 working days depending on the country you live in. 

Your ALTER MADE parcel has arrived at your home. How exciting! There's something magical about that moment when you open our box and touch our garments for the first time. We know that first impressions are important, so here's what you'll find:

Image without a name
Image without a name

Eco-friendly packaging

Our boxes protect the product from the moment it leaves our warehouse in Barcelona until it reaches its destination. They are made ethically, locally and with recycled cardboard, which is also FSC® certified, guaranteeing that it comes from sustainably managed forests and plantations. We love them because you can open them easily without breaking them, so you can use them for storage at home or reuse them if you want to return them.

You can learn more about how and who produces our packaging here.

When you open the box, you will find the product delicately wrapped in tissue paper and secured with a seal. Both are also produced locally and are FSC® certified. We have decided not to include plastic, delivery notes or forms and to replace everything with electronic formats to reduce paper waste. 

Our labels

We believe that quality lies in the small details, that's why the labels that are attached to the garments have their own story. Normally the label is the first thing we get rid of, so ours have been designed for that. Why? Because both the label and the string that attaches it to the garment are made from vegetable polymers obtained from corn and cardboard that comes from sugar cane processing waste. In other words, they are biodegradable, compostable, and eco-certified.

Our brand labels, which are sewn onto the garments and contain the ALTER MADE logo, are made from organic cotton in its natural colour, without any dyeing or treatment. Our aim is to minimise material waste during production and to make them as sustainable as possible.

This type of cotton may be dyed when it comes in contact with coloured garments. This is a completely normal effect that you don't need to worry about, it is a sign of the purity of the fabric. We are already working on new labels that will still be just as sustainable, but more resistant to dyeing.

Feel the wellbeing

The time has come to see and touch your ALTER MADE product. Take it easy, enjoy every little detail, try it on and look in the mirror if it's a garment or enjoy the fragrance of our scented candles. Feel the wellbeing and peace of mind of knowing that what is good for you is good for the world.

Thank you again for believing in us and being here from the start.

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