At this time of year, shopping is the order of the day. Promotions and discounts make it difficult to resist, don’t they? At ALTER MADE we believe that shopping should be a thoughtful, calm and enjoyable experience that improves your wellbeing. In this article we are going to tell you about our team’s tips when it comes to applying slow living to what you buy. 

This is how the ALTER MADE team shops nicer and more consciously

Check what you have already got in your wardrobe  

"Before I make my wish list, I always take a good look at everything I have in my wardrobe - most of the time I find clothes I didn't even remember I had! This helps me to make my list a little more realistic”.

“For years, my friends and I have been doing a ritual just before we go shopping: we each choose clothes from our wardrobe that we no longer want and swap them between us. It's a good way to reuse clothes and make room in our wardrobe for new buys". 

Don’t go alone 

“When I go shopping, I like to take a friend with me, so we can give each other feedback and avoid unnecessary purchases. We get up early, go for a coffee and are in the shops first thing in the morning because that's when it’s not as busy. We always walk from one shop to the next, even if they are far away, we think of it as exercise! At the end of the day, we reward ourselves with a visit to our favourite cake shop to celebrate what we have bought”. 


 “I don't like constantly receiving ads and promotions because they distract me from the things I really need. That's why, during the busy shopping weeks, I uninstall all my apps and try to stay away from email and social media. Instead, I try to keep myself busy by making plans that I enjoy. For example, going out for dinner with my partner, meeting up with friends or enjoying a games afternoon with my children”. 

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Feel comfortable 

“I always have my headphones on at all times when I go shopping, listening to my favourite music. It's my way of relaxing and not being overwhelmed by people's voices and the loud music in some shops”.

“It's important for me to wear comfortable clothes that I can take off and put on quickly in the fitting room. I also try to avoid bulky coats that can get in the way in the shops”.

“I like to wear my headphones because I'm always calling my family or friends to ask them about sizes or colours. That way I keep my hands free”.

Buy gifts

“I don't like the idea of buying for the sake of it, so whenever it’s sale time, I always buy gifts for my family or friends. It makes me happy to think about how they will react when they receive them and it makes the experience much more satisfying, even if I pick up a little something for myself”.

Think twice

“Shopping online allows me to think about what I’m buying and keep track of my spending. Before I hit the buy button, I try to ask myself a few questions: Do I really need it or is it just cheaper? If it didn't have a discount, would I buy it? In a year's time, will I still like it? I also like to think of at least 3 different ways I'm going to wear each item, so I make sure I'm going to get the most out of it”.

The Ten Minute rule

“I once heard about a trick to avoid impulse buying. It involves waiting at least ten minutes between filling your basket and shopping. This is the time it takes for dopamine, which is the neurotransmitter that controls the reward centres, to deplete in our brains. I use those minutes to have a coffee or do some stretching. When I'm done, I go back to look at my basket and I can assess more calmly whether or not I need to buy anything”.

Conscious Consumption

At ALTER MADE we believe in conscious consumption, which means knowing and understanding what you are buying: who is behind it, what their values are, how they make their products, where they come from and how long they will last. And that the answer to all these questions is aligned with the way you think. In other words, it means supporting brands that do things the way you would do them. 

For us, happiness is found in the experiences we live, the people we love and living by our values. That's why we encourage you to consume brands that inspire you to have sustainable shopping habits that contribute to your wellbeing, that of the environment and that of society. 

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