Some years ago, brands only launched 2 clothing collections per year: Spring-Summer and Autumn-Winter, do you remember? Now there are brands that bring out a new collection every week and we are consuming more clothes than ever. In a world that is moving faster and faster, we chose to stop and to launch timeless products that don’t go out of fashion. This way, at ALTER MADE we joined slow life movement.

Slow life is a philosophy that promotes a way of creating and consuming more conscious and responsible. Slow life begins with the brands, which choose to produce locally with sustainable materials in an ethical way. Slow life also means slowing down the pace, buying less and doing it better, choosing higher quality garments that last much longer.  

What else do we do to promote slow life? 

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Respect the environment

The production processes for our garments are as sustainable as possible. We control the traceability of the raw materials and we only work with suppliers with sustainability certificates. All of them are also local, which allows us to reduce the distance the products have to travel and thus, lowers the carbon footprint. 

We have made sure that all our fabrics are natural and biodegradable, with the purest possible compositions so that they are much easier to recycle and reuse. We have also prioritised the use of organic cotton, recycled materials such as cashmere or down, and opted for innovative fabrics like SeaCell™

Value the work of our suppliers

At ALTER MADE it is important that all our suppliers are part of our Community. That’s why we want to showcase the people that make our garments as a way of recognising them and highlighting the value of their work. 

Our brand has ensured that they all have social certificates that assure us that their employees are working in a safe and pleasant working environment, and that they have fair and ethical working conditions in place. 

Responsible manufacturing

At ALTER MADE we do not produce large amounts of clothing each season. Our production is small out of respect for the manufacturing processes and to avoid wasting raw materials and energy. 

Some of our suppliers are artisans with small businesses with just a few employees who cannot take on a large volume of work, and we don’t want them to either. We advocate for making more thoughtful and conscious purchases which are not conditioned by what the trends dictate. 

Believe in timelessness

For ALTER MADE, basic is not a synonym of simple or boring. Our designs are aesthetic and coherent because they have been created consciously to adapt to your body and to look fresh and current season after season. We want to create garments that you are still in love with as the years go by. 

We believe that getting dressed every morning should be an intimate ritual that creates a pleasant feeling of Wellbeing. For this reason, our garments are designed to easily match amongst themselves and with any others that you already have in your wardrobe. The patterns that we have used are designed to suit and our fabrics ensure that they have a great drop and touch. Is there anything better than deciding what you are going to wear today knowing that everything looks great on you?  

Long-lasting garments

Not all garments with a timeless design are going to resist the passage of time so well. The factor that determines the longevity of a garment is its composition and the quality of its raw material. Our rigorous selection of materials is what allows our clients to take full advantage of the service life of their ALTER MADE garments.  

However, we must not forget that in order for a garment to age well, it is very important that we take care of it. Some fabrics are highly sensitive to poor care, such as wool, whilst others are more resistant, such as organic cotton. Following the Care Guide for each garment will help you so that you can enjoy it for much longer. At ALTER MADE we choose to take care of clothes rather than replacing them. 

The fact that we don’t work by seasons does not mean that our catalogue is always the same. We add products little by little, expanding our selection sustainably and ensuring that they all comply with our quality and sustainability standards. 

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