At ALTER MADE we know that the quality of the raw materials is key to creating outstanding garments. From the word go we haven’t stopped searching for suppliers and materials that would offer us something different, making our garments stand out. As a result, we have obtained a list of high-quality exceptional fabrics, some of which with beneficial properties for the skin. All of them provide our garments with a high life expectancy and are easy to recycle. Discover ALTER MADE Materials:

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What materials do we work with?


Our main tricot fabrics are Merino wool, cashmere wool and recycled cashmere wool. For some garments we also work with very special fibres like cashmere. Did you know that cashmere contains properties that are beneficial for your health? At ALTER MADE we place value on pure compositions and natural, biodegradable and sustainable materials. Taking care of our tricot garments by following their Care Guide, will make them last for years.


Two of our most innovative and astonishing fabrics come from PYRATEX®. Our Long Sleeve T-shirt is made with a mix of seaweed and vegetable fibres with cosmetic properties for the skin. On the other hand, the Tank Top is manufactured from organic cotton and a revolutionary vegetable fibre that had never been used before in the fashion industry, a fabric that can improve blood flow and relaxing the muscles.


The high quality of our jeans is the result of carefully selected raw materials and avant-garde techniques to manufacture and dye them whilst creating a low environmental impact. To make our jeans we have chosen different compositions by combining organic cotton and recycled cotton to get the perfect balance of stability, comfort and resistance to washes. For the Slim model, we have added a small percentage of elastane for a more defined silhouette. A pair of jeans had never been so flattering and comfortable at the same time. 


Our down anoraks have a recycled down filling, perfect for making them light and warm at the same time. The recycled down is a high-quality material that provides the garments with extra longevity. Our anoraks will last you for years. The outer fabric is recycled polyester and water-resistant, making it easy to clean, and it comes in a very sleek finish.

Organic cotton

We have used organic cotton for multiple garments. It is a natural hypoallergenic fibre and soft to the skin, comfortable and with absorbent properties. It is durable, stable and breathable, since it has not been subjected to treatments with aggressive chemicals. Amongst our selection of t-shirts, you can find thick and compact cotton models or others so light and soft that you will hardly feel like you are wearing them.

Our shirts are also made in 100% organic cotton with an antibacterial finish that makes that feeling of putting on a fresh shirt last for hours. 

All our suppliers are heavily committed to our Quality standards and are specialists in the type of product they produce.

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