Colour is everywhere, it surrounds us. Being able to perceive colours is one of the most wonderful things we can experience, since they have the ability to modify our emotional state. In this article we’ll tell you what the ALTER MADE colours are and why they’re beneficial for your wellbeing. 

The science of colours

Colour is visible light energy of certain wavelengths. Photoreceptors in the retina translate that energy into colours. Did you know that our retina is only capable of perceiving blue, green and red? Everything we see results from the combination of these colours and numerous studies confirm that this perception is subjective and evokes different sensations. In art, colours play an important role based on their psychological impact.

Colour as a therapy

Chromotherapy uses a series of principles to create harmonious combinations of colour that are capable of generating wellbeing. It is a holistic and non-invasive type of therapy that brings balance and health to the mind and body. We all know almost innately that blue is cold and red is hot. But if we go even further, we’ll discover that the different shades of blue can lower blood pressure, improve sleep and reduce stress.

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In fashion, colour has its own language. Black is considered elegant, timeless and sophisticated while white is clean and pure; blue represents freshness and is associated with the intellectual, while yellow is stimulating and conveys optimism. Each season, the Pantone Color Institute predicts the colour trends that first appear on the runways and then in stores.

As you can imagine, at ALTER MADE we don’t pay much attention to trends. Our criteria when choosing our colour palette is based precisely on the non-trends, for which reason neutral tones are our best allies: beige, warm grey, navy blue and the less saturated versions of black and white are the flagship colours of our garments.

What is behind the colours of ALTER MADE?


Our colour palette is soft and relaxed, with it we try to generate a sense of peace, leading to reflection and serenity.

The blue tones convey freshness and relaxation. They help to dispel nerves and clear the mind and they are a good ally of creativity. We have respected the classic shade of denim blue for our jeans, while we have used its deeper version for the navy blue of our jumpers.

White is clean and bright. It symbolises perfection and has the ability to relieve emotional stress and clarify ideas. You can find it in its purest form in our cotton shirts and in its less saturated version in our t-shirts and jumpers.

Grey is a balanced, sophisticated and discreet colour. It conveys security, confidence and calm and symbolises intellect and concentration. According to chromotherapy, it is the least tiring colour to look at, so you will never get bored of it.

Black evokes elegance and encourages meditation. Our shades of black are not pure, we have lowered the saturation to achieve a softer and more natural effect.

We have used khaki green for our puffers because we were inspired by fresh air and nature. Green has calming properties on the mind and body, it reduces anxiety and balances the nervous system.

We have selected light pink for some of our cashmere garments. Pink conveys a positive attitude and youthfulness, helping to reduce anxiety. There’s a reason for the saying, “La vie en rose”.


At ALTER MADE, we opt for timeless colours, soft and pleasing to the eye, easy to mix and match with each other and with other more vibrant shades. We want our range of colours to connect with you, generating a feeling of calm and contributing to a more serene and relaxed image of yourself. 


Remaining firm in our commitment to sustainability, we ensure that the dyes we use are as environmentally friendly as possible, auditing the plants that dye our fabrics to ensure that they do not use products that are toxic to the environment. 

We are especially proud of Tetribérica, one of our suppliers that, in collaboration with its own olive oil factory, uses waste such as olive pits to dye their cotton garments. As a result of which, we obtain a beautiful and characteristic beige colour and help to promote a sustainable circular economy. 

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