Disconnect to Connect
Disconnect to Connect
Disconnect to Connect
with @anoukyve
with @anoukyve

“Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” Carl Jung

Before reading this article, we invite you to answer the following question: Do you feel disconnected from yourself? Do you feel as if the days go by without having really lived them? In the last decade we have gone through a process of digital transformation that has led us to live a life where we're always connected, in order to alleviate that feeling of "missing something". The pandemic accentuated that need by forcing us to be physically isolated from the rest of the world. Today we live in the era of productivity, of multitasking, of wanting to have it all, experience it all, know it all and have it all under control. This constant accumulation of stimuli that we have become dependent on makes us, ironically, feel disconnected from ourselves.

We have gotten together with the influencer and ceramic artist Anouk Yve to reflect on the importance of finding time to carry out activities or cultivate hobbies that help us enjoy and be fully aware of the present moment.

“If I really want to completely disconnect from work, I need to get out. I walk for an hour through my favourite area. Nature is so beautiful where I live... I live in the north of the Netherlands, but when I'm there I feel like I'm in France enjoying my free time, the rhythm of the walk itself combined with the wind in my hair. I feel energised after.”

Anouk defines herself as a multitasking and, above all, creative woman. “I come from a very artistic family, all of them are very creative. Most of my relatives are painters.” She currently alternates her work as a fashion content creator for Instagram with her passion for ceramics.

How did you start making ceramics?

“I wanted to do something different and I saw a course taught by two women (this studio just so happens to be right on the path I like to walk on to recharge my batteries). I took it and I was hooked from the start." Organic and markedly feminine shapes stand out in Anouk's work. "I love objects in the shape of a woman's body, especially those that are baked in a sawdust kiln, since nature determines the final result.”

When we asked her if she usually has a final result in mind before starting to work on the piece or if she draws inspiration during the creative process, without hesitation she said the latter. "I don't have a plan, just a rough idea. My hands do the rest." As for her role models, Anouk tells us: "I like artists who find inspiration in nature. For me, Jean Arp is the ultimate master artist.”

Any activity that combines manual work with creativity is an excellent way to find refuge in a world that is spinning faster and faster. Making ceramics also forces you to concentrate on the present moment and cultivate patience. Each piece must be left to dry for weeks and the final result, after firing, is always a surprise.

5 questions for Anouk

  • What is wellbeing for you? To feel clean, fresh, inspired and at peace. Wellbeing is to live in the moment with all your senses fully awake and with no other plan besides to enjoy yourself.
  • Which garment has been in your closet the longest? I am a bag person so my bags stay with me for years. The same with shirts. They're always good quality.
  • What garment is in your closet all year round? I know it's a boring answer, but always a white t-shirt.
  • What is your next investment for your wardrobe? Flowy summer pants. ALTER MADE has the perfect pair.
  • Which ALTER MADE garment would you recommend to a friend? I love your shirts, they are so comfortable, of good quality and with a casual chic style.

Here you can discover the images from the editorial Disconnect to Connect with Anouk Yve, dressed in garments from our summer selection. 

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