ALTER MADE at Merci Paris

ALTER MADE makes its debut at Merci Paris, one of the French capital’s most iconic locations. The brand’s products will be available in the iconic Parisian concept store from 31 August. ALTER MADE launched onto the French market with online sales in November 2021, and this is the first time that the products will be available in a brick-and-mortar store in France. There’s no better place to break into retail in this market than in the capital city and in partnership with Merci Paris.   

In terms of products, there will be a first wave of basic pieces for all types of wardrobes, called “Le bon basique”.  From 26 September, there will be another wave of ALTER MADE products with a concept called “The Fluffy”, featuring gilets, coats and clutch bags in a puffer style made from recycled fabrics. With their comfortable, quilted feel, they’re sure to become essentials for the cold, rainy weather.  

Merci has a focus on social issues and is housed in a former textile factory. This concept store at 111 Boulevard Beaumarchais delights visitors with its unique concept. The store is constantly fine-tuning its selections, highlighting trends to reflect its set of beliefs. The result is a game of to and fro between the fleeting and the lasting. For the Merci team, beauty alone isn’t enough, things need to be useful as well, function is essential. Merci casts a careful eye on ordinary daily life and does its best to make it extra-ordinary, one day at a time.  

At ALTER MADE, we’re thrilled to be able to collaborate with this unique concept store. Its focus and way of doing things are a perfect fit with our values and the idea of retaining the usefulness and timelessness of things, without losing the uniqueness of each of the pieces we create or acquire.  

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