About us

ALTER MADE is a brand that offers you timeless garments, made ethically by local suppliers with sustainable materials. Our mission is to provoke an intense feeling of wellbeing, not only through the sensoriality and quality of our garments, but also by making you part of a Community that shares your same values.


Our story

Our story began in 2020, in Spain, in the midst of a global pandemic. Being forced to stop what we were doing and take a step back made us all see life from another perspective, learning to value the smaller things in our everyday lives: A coffee while enjoying the sun’s rays coming in through the window, having time to read or cook again, spending more time with family, going for short walks ...

It was at that moment that ALTER MADE began to take shape in the mind of Alejandra, the founder of our brand. 

ALTER MADE is made up of a small team, although we are growing little by little. From our office in Barcelona (Spain), we work enthusiastically as a team, helping each other and learning together.



We want to offer you a new way of consuming that is more conscious and sustainable through garments that, in addition to being beautiful and flattering, have been manufactured ethically.

We want you to feel the wellbeing of buying from a brand that shares your same values, of knowing that you are investing in quality garments that you will not get tired of wearing and that will remain in your wardrobe for years to come. It makes us happy to know that by giving ALTER MADE as a gift to someone you love, you can be sure you’re doing the right thing.

Our hope is that when you get dressed in the morning, either calmly or in a hurry, and you choose one of our garments to wear, you know that you are going to be comfortable, stylish and will also look good.

We knew from the very beginning that not being sustainable was not an option, so when we started with this project our first mission was to create a network of suppliers who were experts in their fields and also shared our way of doing things. 

All our clothing is produced locally, with certified raw materials and using techniques and products that are environmentally friendly. We have ensured our suppliers have safe and ethical work environments for their employees. Thanks to all this, we reduce our carbon footprint, promote the circularity of garments and avoid wasting energy and materials. And while we strive to be as green as possible, we are aware that we still have a lot of room for improvement, but we are proud of what we have achieved so far. 

ALTER comes from Latin and means “other” while MADE refers to the word as we know it in English. If we put the two words together, the meaning is “made differently”.

We have chosen this name because it is our way of expressing that we believe in another way of doing things, being conscious consumers as we continue to dress as we always have.

Our slogan is Wearable Wellbeing, because we want to create products that, above all, make you feel good.

Wellbeing is not only found in the quality and sensoriality of our garments, but also in knowing that you are buying from a brand that shares your same values.